You’ve got the degree. Now what?

The thrill of accomplishment at graduation can quickly fade to bewilderment and intimidation at the prospect of, ‘now what?’ Turning that degree into a career vision was a snap for Tyrel Sulzer when he landed in Imperial’s Engineer in Training program for new university graduates.


You’ve got the degree. Now what?

“It was intimidating at first to join a big oil company but I think Imperial’s size means that I can move around and have plenty of different jobs in the span of one career, without changing companies and always having to start over,” Sulzer says.

A 2016 graduate of the Geological Engineering program at the University of British Columbia, Sulzer now works on the geotechnical engineering team for Imperial’s Kearl oil sands operation, supporting everything from roads and dewatering to building and monitoring mine structures.

Sulzer finds the work is meaningful, his colleagues and managers supportive and the company flexible. All key checkmarks for a young professional wanting to make a great start but unsure what exactly the future can hold.

Entering the work world during an economic downturn and low commodity prices also had Sulzer looking for an employer with stability.

“To come to a company like Imperial that’s positioned so well in the marketplace, is a leader in technology, cares about the environment and has a lot of options for career progression – it’s an unparalleled feeling of confidence.”

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