You’ll come for the job, but you’ll stay for the career

First, the good news.

Imperial has more than 140 years of successful energy leadership and innovation in Canada. We’ve weathered and learned from many storms, many economic environments. That makes us stable. And that stability affords us the ability to continuously add great talent to our team.

Imperial recruits through all parts of the business cycle so we can continue to operate our assets effectively and efficiently, for the long term.


Second, the really, really, good news.

Our stability, as much as our success, is a direct result of the great people we hire. And what our team members universally find when they get here, is that they want to stay here.

That’s a win-win situation. Imperial’s recruitment and training costs stay low because we do it right the first time, our employees benefit from interesting, challenging projects; a collaborative work environment; competitive benefits; and ongoing development and clear career progression.

“We have a long term career-oriented focus,” says Canada Recruitment Manager Blair Oakes. “We’re committed to developing people through their entire career, moving them through many different positions so they can build a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise.”

Oakes is a living example. In his first 10 years with Imperial he’s had six roles within human resources, starting with an entry level generalist role, increasing levels of responsibility at operations sites, and now as a manager based at our campus in Calgary.

The attractive thing about a long-term career focus is our folks have the opportunity to experience multiple positions, even multiple locations, to grow and develop with the benefits of staying with one organization through an entire career.

As an energy company the type of fit we’re looking for is primarily people with a technology background. That can be in any one of the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, mathematics. But we also hire trades, accountants, procurement and HR professionals and many more roles that a large organization needs to succeed. 

Skills and experience are key. So is versatility and a love of problem-solving. Upstream, downstream, midstream or corporate support functions, our employees consistently demonstrate a commitment to safety, high ethical standards and operational excellence.

“The culture here at Imperial is very fun and very much about teamwork. So even in our student hires we look for leadership, people who take initiative and recognize when and how to leverage the expertise of others,” says Oakes.

Trades, technical, management and professional roles all work together. “Given the size of our organization, the complexity of our facilities, and the types of energy challenges that we’re tackling, the diverse perspectives of our employees ultimately yield the best results,” he says.

If that all sounds like fun, then Imperial may just be the place for you and your career. Check for available positions now.

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