Certificate replacement

If you have lost your certificate(s), please advise Imperial's transfer agent, TSX Trust Company, in writing and a Stop Transfer notation will be placed against the lost certificate(s).

The documents listed below will be required to replace lost share certificates:

  • An Affidavit of Loss in three counterparts taken before a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths. Please note the original signatures and seals must appear on each counterpart as any photocopies will be refused.
  • A Bond of Indemnity in Open Penalty form furnished in four counterparts, issued by a reputable surety company authorized to do business in Canada, its provinces and territories, indemnifying Imperial Oil Limited as issuer and TSX Trust Company as Transfer Agent and Registrar.
  • A resolution authorizing the signatories to sign on behalf of the surety company must accompany the Bond. This resolution will not be considered valid if dated more than six months prior to the issuing of the Bond of Indemnity.

Special arrangements have been made with an insurance company to provide coverage under a Master Lost Instrument Bond to qualified applicants at a lower cost than is normally available.

For assistance in obtaining these documents, visit the TSX Trust Company website or call their Answerline at +1 800 387 0825.

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