Dividend reinvestment and share purchase plan

Key features of this equity investment option.

Dividend reinvestment option

Shareholders may choose to use all or part of their dividends to purchase additional Imperial common shares. Visit the TSX Trust Company website for additional information and instructions to enroll in the dividend reinvestment plan.

Share purchase option

Shareholders may purchase, once a calendar quarter, a minimum of $50 worth and a maximum of $5,000 worth (in Canadian funds) of additional Imperial common shares. See the downloadable declaration form for optional cash purchases.

Principal features of the plan

This plan is available to registered shareholders of Imperial. Those shareholders that hold their shares in non-registered or beneficial form should contact their broker to see if this option is available.

All registered shareholders are eligible to participate in the plan. If you are not already enrolled in the plan, you can do so by filling out the authorization form or by contacting TSX Trust Company.

Those who wish to terminate participation in the plan can do so at any time by sending written notice to TSX Trust Company.

Brokerage fees payable on any share purchases made by the company on a stock market will be less than the fee normally charged for small share purchases. Imperial will absorb all other administration expenses related to the plan.

Imperial will maintain an account for each participant in the plan. Statements showing the number of shares in an account will be mailed to participants on a quarterly basis.

Additional information on the plan can be obtained by contacting TSX Trust Company through their website.

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