Reporting and publications

Operational policies and guidelines

  • Standards of Business Conduct

    Imperial’s Standards of Business Conduct form the foundation of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and provide each of our employees and non-employee directors with a common set of ethical standards. The Standards consist of guiding principles, 16 foundation policies and open-door communication procedures. The Standards include clear guidance on ethics, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest, antitrust and directorship policies.
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    Standards of Business Conduct Standards of Business Conduct
  • Working together

    Working Together details our company harassment policy and administrative guidelines, describes behaviour that is unacceptable in our workplace, outlines our complaint process, discusses examples of inappropriate behaviour and answers questions concerning the policy’s interpretation. This booklet is provided to employees at time of hire, and periodically thereafter, to ensure that they are aware of the policy requirements and associated guidelines.
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    Working together Working together