Environmental protection order: Updates on Imperial’s actions


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Environmental protection order: Updates on Imperial’s actions
Kearl EPO impact map of discovery area with zoomed in and out views

June 7, 2023 – Imperial nearing completion on seep mitigation work

Imperial today provided an update on work underway at its Kearl oil sands facility. Work continues to complete remediation efforts which includes expanding our seepage interception system with additional drainage structures, pumping wells and equipment, and increasing water and wildlife monitoring in the area. We continue to provide information to communities, regulatory officials from the Alberta Energy Regulator and government departments.

Weekly updates:

  • Pumping and collection systems operating as work progresses on addressing areas of shallow seepage. Installation work complete at three of four locations, final location nearing completion.
  • Regular inspections and sampling at seep areas ongoing. Water sampling results provided weekly to AER and communities.
  • Enhanced wildlife monitoring ongoing.
  • Continued to provide information to communities on ongoing cleanup, mitigation and remediation actions.
  • Water testing has indicated drinking water is safe, which has been confirmed by the local regional municipality.

Imperial is providing regular updates on its activities. Next community update is planned for June 14.

May 6 - Imperial provided summary reports on root cause findings to the Alberta Energy Regulator and shared the information with communities.

Drainage pond overflow

April 20: Imperial opening statement to Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development

March 19: Getting the facts – Imperial response at Kearl

Kearl water results video

Imperial’s current monitoring and water sampling data has been stable and shows no impacts to local waterways or drinking water. Watch a video detailing the Kearl water sampling and monitoring results.
Video posted/current as of March 17, 2023


Community: Shane Porterfield, Socioeconomic Advisor, Athabasca Region, 1 587 476 1537
Media: 1 587 476 7010

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