Letter to stakeholders

We are inspired to provide responsible, affordable energy to improve the quality of life — for Canadians and those around the world.


Letter to stakeholders

Imperial has worked to understand local, regional, national and global perspectives on resource development for nearly 140 years. Canadians understand that access to reliable and affordable energy enriches well-being and prosperity, at home and across the globe. Our customers, shareholders, business and government associates, and Indigenous and community neighbours all have high expectations of us. Through robust management of our company, our strong talent pool, and access to step change technology, we strive everyday to meet those expectations.

People are our strength

Canada leads the world in exemplary human rights. Within that framework, Imperial’s approach reflects the value we place on safety, health, inclusion, diversity and human talent. We have an unwavering commitment to, and expect every person in our company to observe the highest standards of fairness, professionalism and integrity. This commitment starts with our board of directors and corporate governance policies. We demonstrate industry-leading safety performance. From a socioeconomic standpoint, we are committed to shared prosperity and capacity-building for Indigenous peoples and our local community neighbours.

Imperial is taking action to manage the risks of climate change

Climate change is a global issue that requires global solutions. We recognize the dual challenge of supplying responsible and affordable energy with the need to take action on climate change. Imperial supports the work of the Paris signatories and believes our company has a constructive role to play in developing and deploying meaningful solutions.

Technology advancement

We are proud of our progress in reducing operated oil sands GHG emissions intensity (GHGi) by more than 20 percent from 2013 to 2018. We have plans for improvement and our future target of reducing GHGi by 10 percent in 2023 compared to 2016 levels is within sight. Imperial’s progression to lower-carbon energy is lifted by a developing suite of advanced technologies that could reduce GHGi by about 25 to 90 percent for future oil sands production. In addition, we are taking action to be a leader in advancing digital and artificial intelligence technology across the value chain.

I am pleased to share with you Imperial’s sustainability report, a report that captures the dedication of our employees who are focused on society’s dual challenge.

We hope this report provides you meaningful information and welcome your feedback.

Brad Corson
Chairman, President and CEO