Dividend and tax information

Information to help you manage your dividends.


Dividend and tax information

Recent dividend dates and rates

Dividend declaration date
Dividend record date
Dividend payment date Dividend rate per share Record date U.S. exchange rate Investment date Average market price U.S. share purchase exchange rate
 Share purchase cut-off date
Jul 30/21 Sept 3/21  Oct 1/21  $0.27 0.7988497  Oct 4/21 $37.7033  1.2721 Sept 17/21
Apr. 30/21 Jun 3/21 Jul 1/21  $0.27 0.8262414 Jul.2/21 $39.3075 1.2298 Jun 16/21 
Feb 2/21
Mar 2/21
Apr 1/21  $0.22
0.7920165 Apr 5/21 $30.3521 1.2465 Mar 18/21 
Oct 30/20 Dec 3/20 Jan 1/21 $0.22 0.7763975 Jan 4/21 $24.4149 1.2757 Dec 15/20

Direct deposit of dividends

Shareholders may elect to have their dividends deposited directly into accounts held at financial institutions in Canada that provide electronic funds-transfer services. Please call the AST Trust Company (Canada) at 1-800-387-0825 to have your dividends directly deposited to your account.

Dividends paid in U.S. funds

Shareholders may choose to have their dividends paid in U.S. funds. Please call the AST Trust Company (Canada) Answerline at 1-800-387-0825 to complete this request.

Eligible dividend

For 2006 and subsequent years, all dividends paid by Imperial are eligible dividends for Canadian federal income tax purposes.

Information for security holders outside Canada

Cash dividends paid to shareholders resident in countries with which Canada has an income tax convention are usually subject to a Canadian non-resident withholding tax of 15 percent, but may vary from one tax convention to another.

The withholding tax is reduced to five percent on dividends paid to a corporation resident in the United States that owns at least 10 percent of Imperial voting shares.

Imperial Oil Limited is a qualified foreign corporation for purposes of the new reduced U.S. capital gains tax rates (15 percent and five percent for certain individuals) which are applicable to dividends paid by U.S. domestic corporations and qualified foreign corporations.

There is usually no Canadian tax on gains from selling shares or debt instruments owned by non-residents not carrying on business in Canada, as long as the shareholder does not, in any given 60 month period, own 25% or more of the issued shares of the corporation.

The tax information found on this site is not intended to provide legal or tax advice and shareholders are encouraged to consult a professional advisor with respect to all tax related issues.


Valuation day price

For capital gains purposes, Imperial's common shares were quoted at $3.50 a share on December 22, 1971 and $5.10 on February 22, 1994. Both amounts are restated for both the 1998 and the 2006 three-for-one share splits.

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