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Supply chain management

We operate in all provinces and territories across Canada and currently engage more than 2,700 suppliers across the country. In 2021, our total spend for goods and services exceeded $3.8 billion, 94 per cent of which was spent in Canada. Imperial is working to integrate our sustainability focus areas within our supply chain management approach, seeking opportunities to diversify our supplier network, minimize environmental impacts and collectively contribute to our communities’ resilience and quality of life.

Our procurement teams conduct pre-qualification assessments, which help verify potential suppliers and contractors are aligned with elements of our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS). These assessments guide our decision-making, evaluating factors that include: ethics, health, safety, environmental and technical compliance, as well as sustainability and financial considerations.

Imperial audits a select number of suppliers each year for contract compliance. Contractors not meeting our expectations may be subject to supplemental training and contractual remedies, including termination.

In 2021

$3.8 billion

Total spent on goods and services


Suppliers across Canada


Total suppliers


Partnering with Indigenous businesses

In 2021, Imperial marked not only the highest total Indigenous spend in our history, but we also signed our largest-ever contracts with Indigenous-owned companies.

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Taxes and royalties

Government revenues from taxes and royalties drive economic growth and a higher standard of living for all Canadians. The amount paid by Imperial in taxes and royalties is dependent on production volumes, the price for those volumes and the costs incurred to produce them. Royalties and taxes fluctuate year-over-year accordingly. In 2021, $6.8 billion in taxes and royalties were borne and collected and that in turn helps fund school systems, roads, hospitals, social programs and more – that’s an increase of nearly 60 per cent over 2020.

$6.8 billion

paid in taxes and royalties in 2021

Sustainability report 

Our Sustainability Report describes our environmental, social and governance performance.
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