Emergency preparedness

Caring for the well-being of the people who live near our operations.

Safety is in our passion - from the ore we mine, to the wells we drill, to the moment one of our products arrives in your car, home or workplace. 

Why are we so passionate about safety? Because safety represents our people. The people that work for our company are more than just employees or contractors. They are family. We care about those we employ, those we serve, and those we work beside much like you care about your own family. 


emergency response drills held across our sites in 2018

Emergency preparedness and response

If there is an emergency in one of our facilities, we have a plan and our people are prepared to follow it. How?

  • We have robust emergency preparedness and response plans in place at all facilities and operations.
  • We rigorously train our personnel to access equipment and respond immediately.
  • We conduct hundreds of simulated emergencies each year.
  • We engage with governments and associations.

What does it mean when you hear our alarms? 

It likely means they are being tested. Each of our refinery sites has an emergency warning system consisting of air horn alarms which we test weekly, usually on the same day and time.

Should there be an actual emergency, you should:

  1. Go or stay indoors.
  2. Tune into the radio, community information telephone lines or our company website/Facebook pages (where available) for further instructions and until the official “all clear” has been issued.
  3. Do not attempt to bring your children home if they are in school or daycare. School and daycare personnel are responsible for maintaining proper procedures to protect children in their care.
  4. Don’t tie up the phone lines. Use the telephone only if you are reporting an emergency.

Product safety

Products are always changing. Chances are, the motor oil of today is not the same motor oil three-to-five years ago… even if the bottle hasn’t changed.

Our Safety Data Sheets are designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with information on handling or working with a hazardous product.

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Community health

We know clean air is important to our neighbours, it’s important to us too. Our commitment to cleaner air in the communities where we operate is fulfilled by our people – employees and contractors who live and raise their families near our operations. They work incredibly hard every day to run safe and efficient operations as responsible neighbours to their family and friends.

We manage our impact on the air by investing in technologies to control/reduce our emissions, improving the reliability of our operations, enhancing our ability to detect and repair small leaks of fugitive emissions and manufacturing products that are cleaner-burning.

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reduction in benzene emissions at Sarnia operations over the past 25 years


reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions at Sarnia operations since the early 2000’s


reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions at Nanticoke refinery since the early 2000’s

Eleven important steps to OIMS

We keep our neighbours and our people safe by following our rigorous safety programs.

We manage the risk to people and the environment through our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) - a disciplined management framework that helps us put our policies into practice. We introduced OIMS in 1992 and since then our safety, health and environmental performance has improved by leaps and bounds.

Thanks to OIMS, we’re all on the same page in how we work. These common expectations show us how we manage risks of our business, how we measure our progress, how we track accountability and how we achieve excellence.

Process safety

There is a place for everything and everything has its place. Product stays in the pipes. Structures stay standing. Nothing is leaking. All of this relies on process safety.

We manage the integrity of our facilities by applying good design principles, engineering and operating practices. We incorporate rigorous safety standards and procedures in our facility design, construction and operating activities. Our processes govern equipment, procedures, maintenance and training that prevent the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons and hazardous substances. We employ multiple layers of protection, or barriers, to help prevent a loss of containment.

Sustainability report

Our Sustainability Report describes our environmental, social and governance performance.
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