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Intern, co-op and apprenticeship opportunities

There isn’t a better way to complete your education than by putting your knowledge to work with the top experts of your field. That’s because learning happens best when we’re overcoming challenges – like how to meet growing demand for energy across the world, while protecting the environment. And how to do things better. We need the fresh and diverse perspectives you bring and we’re eager to help you apply them in different settings. And, oh yeah, we’re an integrated company, which means we have lots of settings and opportunities to invest in your growth.

So where do you fit?

Are you an upstream, midstream or downstream person? Or, do you bring special skills that apply to all areas of business?

 Tapping it (upstream)

Are you fascinated by the natural world where oil and gas begin – the land, the challenges, solutions and the technologies that make it all happen? Maybe an opportunity in the upstream business is right for you. That’s where we explore for resources and get them out of the ground.

 Moving it (midstream)

For oil to meet energy demand around the world, we need to get it on the move. Are you interested in the puzzles that come with moving and storing these resources? We have 21 terminals across Canada, which help ensure reliability of fuel products to numerous regions. We also have product pipelines which provide a safe, environmentally friendly and vital way to transport both crude oil for refining and refined petrochemicals to consumers.

 Refining it (downstream)

Maybe you’re an inventor type with a curious mind, intrigued by the world of refining and chemical products. This is the sector that most impacts our daily lives. It’s where the oil becomes the road and the grease hits the gears. It’s trips to the cabin. It’s the plastic in your frisbee and the power that lifts airplanes. The downstream world turns raw potential into products that make the modern world possible.

 Selling it (retail)

You may already be familiar with our retail business. It includes the Mobil lubricants you put in your car, the Esso/Mobil gas station down the street – even the long-standing connection to hockey. While we no longer own or operate gas stations, we still have teams dedicated to selling product to distributers and wholesalers, managing and marketing the retail brands (Esso and Mobil), and overseeing our sponsorships.

 Advancing it (research on all the above)

Knowledge is power. Reducing emissions, saving water, finding efficiencies and protecting the environment. That’s what drives research at Imperial. We don’t just fund researchers... we hire them, we promote them and we invest in them. Our organization is taking the industry to the next frontiers of operational excellence through our research labs in Calgary and Sarnia and through collaboration with smart organizations and even smarter people.

 Supporting it

Do you have specialized skills that supports all the segments above? Whether your background is in finance, commercial, information technology, law, safety, human resources or a number of other fields – you will play an important supporting role in all we do at Imperial.

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