Training and mentorship

Never stop learning.


Training and mentorship

We can do this. And we will always strive to do it better. 

At Imperial, we face amazing opportunities for growth as we tackle complex global energy challenges. We get to tap into leading-edge research and insight from our in-house research teams, ExxonMobil, and our collaborative partnerships with academic institutions and industry peers. And we get to tap into you. 

Our investment in you begins with these programs:

  Early career programs

Right out of the gate, we accelerate your professional development. We seize the opportunity to boost your skills, and your understanding of key technologies. We provide you training, formal feedback, developmental opportunities and a structured sequence of job rotations. These rotations lead to increasingly challenging assignments as you demonstrate successful performance and technical competence.


Challenges are part of learning, but sometimes we need guidance in managing them well. Our Early Career Programs connect you with formal mentors who provide advice and coaching on everything from job-related and technical topics to company wide issues and policies. Other department-specific programs can provide mentorship opportunities to last your career. 


There are many things to learn… and many ways to learn. Think challenging work experiences, coaching, counselling and training courses. We offer both technical and non-technical training courses provided by in-house experts, external training providers and self-study options.

  Educational refund program

While we have top-of-the-line training, we know there are some things we can’t teach. That’s why we have an education refund program to provide financial assistance to employees who elect to pursue work-related educational opportunities to maintain or improve job skills, and to develop new competencies and capabilities.

  Network Advisor Program

Networking is huge. We make these opportunities informal and entertaining, such as providing evening events (anyone in for murder mystery dinners? Casino nights? Scavenger hunts?) where you enjoy activities designed to help you mingle and network with senior managers, professionals and other new hires from across the business. Additionally, we provide one-on-one meetings with senior professionals who share about potential career paths, company operations and more opportunities at the company.

  Orientation and feedback

We’re all in this together. Our success relies on your success. Your progress and achievements will be a performance measurement of those involved in your development. Our performance assessment and development process includes goal setting, annual performance reviews and regular formal coaching sessions in your first three-to-five years. Our comprehensive orientation program will educate you on the industry, our organization and how to be effective within our systems and structures.