Flexible work

Balancing work and life, together.
Flexibility looks different for everyone, which is why we have many programs to help employees balance their work and personal life. Our programs balance the needs of the employee, the team, and the business while allowing flexibility in how work goals are achieved.
"As part of a dual career household with small children, I often balance competing demands on my time. The flexibility to shift some of my professional workload to different hours or locations opens the door to being present with my family at hockey practice and dance class, while also taking on challenging and motivating projects at work, such as field training courses and research projects at the Kearl mine site. I’m immensely grateful to Imperial for the flexibility to pursue my personal and professional goals simultaneously."
Janice Allen

Kearl geomodeler, Calgary, AB

Hear more from our employees about how workplace flexibility has impacted their lives.
Application of flexible work programs may vary depending on job assignment and work location.