Health and well-being

Imperial’s Culture of Health program focuses on providing an environment and resources that actively and consistently promotes and supports healthy and safe behaviours.

Mental health program

In 2022, we continued our focus on reducing the stigma around mental health and growing a supportive environment at all levels of the organization.

We rolled out a training program designed to raise awareness amongst employees, to spark individual reflection, and to provide tools to foster an environment of psychological safety. Psychological safety plays a large role in keeping everyone at work safe. When employees and contractors feel comfortable speaking up, they are more confident to intervene to help ensure the safety of others. This training has been rolled out to approximately 300 employees and we continue to expand participation across the organization.

In 2022, we continued to roll out a leadership training program, working with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, called The Working Mind. The program is designed to promote mental health across an organization and train leaders to support employee wellbeing, ensuring the workplace climate respects and involves all employees, including those with mental health problems. In addition, each of our assets has developed individual mental health and wellness strategies to support unique workforce needs.

One of our goals is to enhance the health and well-being of employees and communities.

Mental health and safety

At Imperial, we know that by prioritizing our mental well-being, we unlock our true potential and create a safer environment for ourselves and others. The relationship between mental health and safety is undeniable. Studies have shown that organizations promoting mental health initiatives experience a reduction in incident rates, demonstrating the profound impact of mental well-being on safety outcomes. When we nurture our minds, we enhance problem-solving skills, boost creativity, and unleash innovation.

Imperial plans to continue to provide and expand programs that deliver care for mental health and well-being and we are committed to supporting our workforce through our benefits programs. In this regard, we are pleased to welcome a new Employee Assistance Program service provider ComPsych, which provides resources and support to our employees and their families. Imperial cares about mental health and well-being and is committed to supporting our workforce through our benefits programs, reducing stigma, psychological safety, and promoting resources like those available through ComPsych.

When it comes to safety, we recognize that we’re more likely to make mistakes when we’re not feeling well. Together, we’re focused on building a resilient workforce that thrives both personally and professionally.

Programs that support health and well-being

At Imperial’s health centres across the country, our occupational health professionals (physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists) work to foster a healthy workplace, provide advice, and respond to individual health concerns. Their efforts are supported by a number of tools for employees:

  • Comprehensive health and benefits plan
  • Wellness personal spending account to financially support employee focus on well-being tailored to personal needs and goals
  • Employee and family assistance program with immediate and confidential support, available 24/7
  • Workplace flexibility programs in support of work-life balance
  • Internal web portal with extensive health and wellness resources and tools
  • Robust alcohol and drug policy: outlines expectations based on risk assessments, encourages disclosure and supports treatment for employees.


Pictured in the page banner: Kearl's multi-purpose wellness centre, opened in 2022, provides a place for our workforce to unwind, both mentally and physically. The facility includes a full fitness centre, basketball and pickleball courts as well as a running track.

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