Strathcona refinery

This refinery has legs. Often called the world’s most travelled refinery, our Strathcona refinery has made its way through hill and valley, war and peace, and through the ebbs and flows of Canada’s oil industry.

When our company discovered oil in Leduc in 1947, Alberta’s oil industry began to happen. But we knew we needed a refinery to turn that oil into valuable products.

This refinery made its way from Whitehorse on barges, trucks, rail and ice-roads to find its final home on the outskirts of Edmonton.

Today, a more modern version of the refinery provides products for Canada and the Northern U.S., and is one of the most safe, reliable and profitable refineries in North America. Our Cold Lake site (among others) provides us the kind of bitumen that helps us make the high-quality products, including asphalt that paves a third of Canada’s roads, along with a full range of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, motor oils and liquid petroleum gases.

Our products

Cold winters? Changing conditions? Vast countrysides with widespread communities? No problem. We keep Canada and North America running by creating products that can be trusted in all our conditions. Our transportation fuels and motor oils are constantly evolving due to our cutting-edge, in-house research, which allows us to keep pace with advancements in technology, environment, safety and regulatory requirements.

Synergy™ Fuel

Mobil™ industrial lubricants


Our people. The faces behind the brand.

Nearly 400 people work at our Strathcona refinery, supporting the brands that keep Canada moving. Engineers, lab technologists, safety professionals, tradespeople, administration staff and so many more of us are proud of what we create here.

We roll up our sleeves and get involved. For us, it’s more than just providing funding, it’s about working alongside organizations we support to make a difference in the community. This extends beyond a corporate philosophy as our employees are just as passionate about community involvement as the company. We have a strong volunteer culture and employees pitch in to help the many organizations we support – whether that’s delivering meals to seniors, packing food hampers for those in need or building backpacks with school supplies for inner city kids.

Nobody gets hurt

We don’t mind our own business when it comes to safety. We use the phrase actively care to describe how we look out for each other. It’s how we interact and how we step in when we see something that doesn’t look right.

Learn more about safety practices in our workforce.

“We have an excellent team at Strathcona who take pride in their work and the important energy products we create to keep the community moving. Providing exceptional customer service, investing in a more sustainable future, operating safely and reliably, and being a good neighbour are foundational to how we run our business.”
Regina Davis

refinery manager

Work at Strathcona refinery

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Risk management & safety

We take safety very seriously. It is unlikely an emergency will occur, but we are prepared to respond. Our teams are trained to respond to a variety of scenarios and we are supported by regional and North American emergency response teams.

Learn more about how we manage risk and safety.

As a member of the Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program, we work closely with local emergency response organizations and local industry operators to practice and plan on joint emergency response.

Our environment and innovation

Faster. Safer. More efficient. We can’t stop, won’t stop doing things better to protect the environment and human safety here at Strathcona. Improving safety practices, operational and energy efficiencies and reducing emissions are always our goals.

Here are some examples of how we’re getting there.

The power of cogeneration

Strathcona refinery’s cogeneration came online in October 2020, providing nearly 80 percent of the refinery's electricity needs and helping reduce provincial greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions leak detection

We’re advancing the use of optical imaging equipment to better detect and reduce these emissions here at the Strathcona refinery.

Wastewater management

As the City of Edmonton’s drinking water source, Strathcona Refinery understands the importance of maintaining the water quality of the North Saskatchewan River. Over the last five years, we have implemented changes to our wastewater treatment system to improve both the quality of our wastewater discharges to the North Saskatchewan River and the management of our wastewater during plant upsets and large rainfall events.

Our community

We have great neighbours. They make up vibrant communities that are a great place to live. We want to keep it that way. That’s why our community investment is more than just funding causes that matter. It’s about showing up in the community, working with people who truly make a difference… and being those people.

Days of Caring

Throughout the year, our employees, family members, contractors and retirees support different community programs through our monthly “Days of Caring” program. We sort coats, pack school supplies, serve lunch and snacks to those in need, put food hampers together, and roll up our sleeves for the community.

Fuelling important causes

We provide the fuel. They do the driving. At Strathcona Refinery, we’re recently partnered with Edmonton Meals on Wheels to provide meals and transportation to people in need.

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Contact us

General inquiries: 780-449-8110 or email us

Community relations office: 780-449-8571

24-hour line: 780-449-3776

As a member of the Strathcona Industrial Association, we post information about refinery operations on the industry UPDATEline. Neighbours can call 1-866-653-9959 to hear recorded information.

Latest information on our refinery

Planned maintenance activities are critical to maintaining safe and reliable operations at our facilities. We carefully plan these activities and work to execute them in the safest and most efficient manner. Earlier this week, our team carefully rem...

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We had the privilege of hosting Princess Elizabeth (before she became Queen) and Prince Philip for tea and a refinery tour in 1951, as part of their British Royal Tour of Canada. Rest in Peace, Prince Philip.

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Strathcona Refinery Neighbours, If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a letter regarding planned maintenance work that starts on April 5 for the next several weeks. Similar to past years, you may notice increased traffic near the refinery, t...

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The start up of our cogeneration facility here in Strathcona was featured in Imperial’s Sustainability report. Learn more about the unit, which will supply up to 80% of the refinery’s electricity needs and reduce province-wide GHGs by approximately...

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Dear Neighbours, Strathcona Refinery will be conducting maintenance on a unit starting the morning of April 3, which may result in greater than normal flaring over the next two to three days. There is no concern for the community, and we apologize f...

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