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Chemical products

Petrochemicals are important ingredients in many everyday products like polyethylene resins, adhesives, sealants, paints, crop protection, and household and automotive products.  They are also used in refining and industrial processes from metalworking to pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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We comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the marketing, sales, supply, manufacture and distribution of hydrocarbon fluids, higher olefins and aromatics. 

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  • For more information about Imperial’s chemical product quality visit the ExxonMobil website.

How are petrochemicals used?

Imperial is proud to be one of Canada’s largest producers of consistently high quality petrochemicals that allow our customers to optimize manufacturing processes and create products to meet global demand and strict regulatory requirements.

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Responsible Care®

Canadians are more concerned than ever about the effects of chemicals on their health and the environment. We use CIAC's Responsible Care® initiative.

As a member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC, formerly CCPA), we not only use CIAC’s Responsible Care® initiative, we played an important role in creating the program that was conceived in Canada and launched in 1985. The Responsible Care® ethic for the safe and environmentally sound management of chemicals has been adopted by the chemical industry in 53 countries around the world since 1992.  Learn more about Responsible Care®.

Integrating the Responsible Care® principles into our chemical division business practices means we dedicate ourselves, our technology and our business practices to sustainability – and to the betterment of society, the environment and the economy.