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Imperial’s Sarnia Products Pipeline

Imperial’s Sarnia Products Pipeline (SPPL) is important infrastructure that provides products used by households and businesses across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). This includes a significant portion of jet fuel for Toronto Pearson International Airport, as well as gasoline and diesel fuel that keeps people, goods and services moving throughout our region.

Operating safely in the region for many years, Imperial is planning to replace approximately 63-kilometres of the line with new pipe.

Project facts

Location: The Waterdown to Finch Project runs from Imperial’s Waterdown pump station in rural Hamilton to the company’s terminal storage facility in Toronto’s North York area.

Working within the existing pipeline corridor: Most replacement work will take place in close vicinity to the pipeline.

Completing the Waterdown to Finch Project: Environmental and cultural assessments will start in the spring of 2018. Subject to provincial regulatory reviews and receiving all permits, Imperial expects to start construction in 2019. The existing pipeline will continue to operate reliably until the Waterdown to Finch Project is complete.

Following a thorough regulatory process: Imperial will seek approval for a Leave to Construct from the Ontario Energy Board. This includes a thorough assessment of the project’s environmental effects and engagement with landowners, communities and Indigenous groups. 

Informing community members: Imperial is committed to meaningful community, government and Indigenous engagement throughout the duration of the project.

Protecting our local environment: Imperial works to ensure the highest standards of environmental safety are observed every day. During the replacement process, Imperial will continue to work with government and regulators to protect our local environment.

Keeping local traffic moving: Imperial will work closely with municipalities and residents so the impacts on traffic are as limited as possible.

Creating jobs here in Ontario: Imperial employs approximately 1,200 employees and up to 3,500 contractors per day in Ontario. Imperial is looking to work with local contractors and business services, including from Indigenous groups, throughout the life of the project.

Waterdown to Finch Project location

Work timeline*

*Timeline is subject to regulatory and permit approvals.

Land, regulatory and permitting approvals

Imperial will respect all landowners’ property and will seek to minimize disruptions. Imperial also recognizes the importance of collaboration with local Indigenous groups when conducting activities on their traditional territories.

Before work begins, Imperial will engage with landowners regarding access to our easements on their property. Concurrently, we will engage with Indigenous groups to understand interests and opportunities to further collaborate in the region.

In addition to landowner access and Indigenous collaborations, Imperial will require regulatory approval permits or project approvals from the following entities listed in alphabetical order:

*Subject to change.

Minimizing construction impacts

Imperial builds safety and integrity into its pipelines from the outset of construction. We focus on quality assurance every step of the way and subject pipeline projects to rigorous material, design and construction standards that meet or exceed government and industry standards.

Additionally, while working to deliver the fuels and energy Canadians rely on every day, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment, local communities and Indigenous groups by routing pipelines around sensitive areas and adopting construction practices that decrease disruptions.

Imperial is working carefully with the regulator and different levels of government to plan the Waterdown to Finch Project so that construction impacts are as limited as possible.

Further detail about the construction methods used can be found in the Waterdown to Finch Project brochure

Our commitment to community engagement and the environment

We appreciate the patience of our neighbours, Indigenous groups and community members as we work to enhance the long-term safety and reliability of our existing operations.

Community engagement

In order to minimize the impact of disruption, we look to local residents to help inform solutions.

During the project period, community members will have several ways to receive information and ask questions:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 416.586.1915
  • Community information sessions (summer/fall 2018)
  • Construction notices delivered a minimum of two weeks before activity begins
  • Ongoing information sharing

Protecting the local environment

  • Every day, our employees work hard to safely supply fuel to keep cars, trucks and planes in our province moving. 
  • Our Sarnia and Nanticoke refineries play a critical role in meeting Ontario’s energy needs. Since 1990, refinery sector greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario have been reduced by 32 per cent.
  • In the last five years, we have spent approximately $1.1 billion at Nanticoke and Sarnia to improve the reliability and safety of our operations.
  • Sarnia and Nanticoke both achieved a number of best-ever safety and environmental performance in 2016 and 2017.
  • We remain committed to operating our facilities in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with provincial regulations.

Our proactive protection and preventative maintenance program

Imperial’s safety performance is among the best in the Canadian energy industry. We attribute our record of safe and reliable operations to our preventative maintenance and proactive pipeline inspection programs.

We work closely with independent pipeline regulators and government permitting authorities to ensure our facilities comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Further detail about our proactive protection and preventative maintenance program can be found in the Waterdown to Finch Project brochure

Imperial in Ontario: supporting economic growth

As an integrated products company, we explore for, produce, refine and market products essential to society.

Founded in Ontario: As Canada's largest refiner of petroleum products, we have more than 130 years of providing Canadians with reliable energy, while supporting our economy and protecting the environment.

Supporting Ontario households: Imperial employs approximately 1,200 employees and up to 3,500 contractors a day in Ontario.

Major capital projects: Imperial has injected more than $750 million in capital investments in Ontario at our two refineries in Sarnia and Nanticoke. Investments include environmental improvements, energy conservation projects, clean fuel facilities and infrastructure improvements.

Research and development in Ontario: Over the past decade, Imperial has invested more than $300 million in research and development in the province.

Contributions in Ontario: Imperial and Canada’s energy industry support economic growth across the whole province. Imperial contributes to Ontario’s economy through taxes, employment, investing in technology, creating opportunities for suppliers to provide goods and services to our projects, and supporting education and training programs that develop a skilled workforce of the future.


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