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Imperial owns 25 percent of Syncrude Canada - a pioneer in oil sands mining. With high value production and improvement actions ongoing, Syncrude is a strategic asset in our company's portfolio. 

Syncrude is a joint venture established to recover shallow deposits of oil sands using open-pit mining methods to extract bitumen and upgrade it to produce a high-quality, light (32 degree API), sweet, synthetic crude oil. Syncrude leases cover about 63,000 net acres.

Imperial's share of production in recent years has averaged about 60,000 - 70,000 bpd before royalties.

The Aurora South mine opportunity is one of a number of viable development options for Syncrude, although the timing and sequencing of development opportunities has yet to be determined.

Visit the Syncrude Canada website to learn more.


Getting the most out of Syncrude's heavy hauler tires doesn't require reinventing the wheel.

For years now, a steady increase in tire life has taken place. In 2014, Syncrude reached a major milestone when the first Caterpillar 797 tire surpassed 10,000 service hours at Aurora. Three more would follow suit before year's end.

Constantly striving for further improvement, Syncrude continued to implement best practices and efficiencies learned on the job and through the Syncrude Tire Focus Group. Those efforts were rewarded in April 2015 when Syncrude set a new record for 797 tire life: 11,158 hours.

Learn more about the world's largest trucks used in Syncrude mining on their website.