High quality Esso gasolines

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Esso branded retail gasoline comes in three octane levels and have been developed on a molecular level to help clean vital engine parts by helping to remove harmful deposits from intake valves. This can lead to a smoother-running engine with lower emissions and better fuel economy as compared to gasoline meeting minimum government detergency standards. Actual benefits may vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, driving style and gasoline previously used.

There's an Esso gasoline with the right octane level for your car.

Esso Supreme (at 91 Octane level) is the highest octane gasoline available at Esso stations, and it's offered in most areas across Canada.

Many older and high-performance cars require higher octane levels to improve engine performance and help prevent potentially harmful engine knocks. Also, driving under certain conditions may increase a car's octane requirements from time to time. These include:

  • frequent short trips
  • high temperature
  • high altitude
  • heavy loads

If your car doesn't require a higher octane gasoline, try Esso Extra (with a minimum 89 octane level) or Esso Regular gasoline (with a minimum 87 octane level). No matter which grade of Esso gasoline you use, you can always trust Esso quality.

Esso product quality commitment guarantee
Look at the front of Esso gasoline pumps in Canada and you should find the Esso Product Quality Commitment Guarantee. This certifies that all grades of Esso gasoline in Canada are diligently checked throughout the refining process and also tested at the retail network to ensure that they are of consistently high quality. As part of a sophisticated fuels fingerprinting program to verify product quality, gasolines are sampled and rigorously tested by our Sarnia research centre.

Esso gasolines also help keep your engine clean while you drive
All Esso gasolines include cleaning agents in their formulations. Routine use of Esso gasoline should help keep fuel injectors and intake valves clean, and reduce future engine problems.

Ethanol-blended gasoline
Ethanol-blended gasoline is currently available at participating Esso service stations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Stations selling ethanol-blended gasoline have a label on the pump indicating the gasoline may contain up to 10 percent ethanol.

Biodiesel blends
Biodiesel blends are currently available at participating Esso service stations in British Columbia and Manitoba. Stations selling biodiesel have a label on the pump indicating the fuels may contain up to 5 percent biodiesel.

All grades of Esso branded retail gasolines meet TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Standards.