The next generation of oil sands development

Kearl oil sands videos

Kearl oil sands videos

The Kearl oil sands project is the largest capital investment in Imperial’s history. Kearl has an initial production of 110,000 bpd and a capacity of 345,000 bpd. The project began production in April 2013.

Kearl will be developed as a long-life, world-class resource. In developing Kearl, Imperial’s focus is to ensure a safe work culture where nobody gets hurt and to develop the project responsibly to protect tomorrow, today.

Kearl tour

Watch the video:  Tour the Kearl oil sands project

At Imperial, we are committed to developing our nation’s resources responsibly. We continuously strive to improve our performance through a sustained commitment to research and innovation. We also listen to our neighbours, and make efforts to include local businesses in economic opportunities.

Kearl research

Watch the video:  An ongoing commitment to improve our performance

Imperial’s research facility at the University of Calgary has functioned as a centre of oil sands innovation since its opening in 1961. Scientists there are focused on improving and developing technologies to advance environmental performance, productivity and economic efficiency.

Next generation of oil sands technologies

Watch the video:  The next generation of oil sands technologies

Imperial is building on the oil sands projects that have gone before through the development of new, more efficient technologies, such as such as our proprietary paraffinic froth treatment and cogeneration.

Building relationships

Watch the video:  Building long-lasting relationships with our neighbours

At Imperial, we listen to the concerns and input from the local community, and seek to share the economic opportunities of development with local businesses.