Making petroleum products


We are Canada's largest refiner of petroleum products.

We process oil and gas into about 650 petroleum products that consumers and businesses use every day.  We develop these products efficiently and responsibly by investing in technology, maintaining system controls and adhering to high standards. 

Our refinery operations include:

  • Strathcona refinery: 187,000-barrel-per-day plant near Edmonton, Alberta
  • Sarnia refinery: 121,000-barrel-per-day plant in Sarnia, Ontario
  • Nanticoke refinery: 112,000-barrel-per-day plant in Nanticoke, Ontario
  • Dartmouth refinery: 82,000-barrel-per-day plant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Key facts
Our refinery business at a glance

Key facts - Imperial's refining business (2009) 
Refinery throughput       413,000 barrels a day
Average refinery utilization       82 percent
Refinery crude capacity    502,000 barrels a day
Contribution to Canada's refining capacity  about 25 percent
Conversion capacity    215,000 barrels a day
Number of products manufactured   about 650
Petroleum product sales     409,000 barrels a day