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By ticking the “I agree to terms and conditions” box below, I agree to the following, for myself and on behalf of the organization named above (referred to as the “Company”):

No confidentiality:

I represent and agree that the submission that I make through this website, the information submitted in this form and any documents provided (together all referred to as the “Submission”) do not contain any information that is confidential to or is considered confidential by myself and the Company, and do not contain or incorporate any proprietary or confidential information of another person or organization.

I understand and agree that Imperial will at all times treat the submission and any information it contained as non-confidential and public information, and that even if any part of the Submission is marked “confidential” or “proprietary” or states that it is confidential.

I recognize that Imperial may, now and in the future, be involved in projects around technology solutions that are the same as or similar to those described in the Submission, and that this is one of the reasons why Imperial requests that I do not provide any confidential information.

No business relationship and obligations:

I understand and agree that the submission and the submission process do not create or constitute a business or work relationship between Imperial and myself or the Company, including any employment, contractor, agency or joint venture relationship, nor do they create any obligation for Imperial with respect to the Submission or towards myself or the Company. I understand that if the Submission is of interest to Imperial, Imperial may contact me and seek to enter into mutually acceptable agreements with myself and the Company, including any confidentiality agreements required to get access to additional information.

I recognize and agree that the Submission, this submission system and its use do not constitute or act as an offer, proposal, acceptance of offer or proposal, notice, request, demand or claim of any nature, and that no such type of communication will be deemed created as a result of the use of this submission system, nor deemed received by Imperial.

Submission materials and personal information

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Capacity and applicable law

I am not aware of any reason preventing me to legally make this Submission, I am legally capable and not deemed underage in Alberta or in my place of residence.

I am duly authorized to make the Submission and to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the Company (if other than myself).

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