Thinking student work term? Consider culture as well as practical opportunities

“Imperial was definitely one of the top companies I had in mind for a student work term,” says Lana Toews, who researched her options extensively to seek out the best fit for her academic and career goals, as well as personal values.


“What drew me to Imperial was its involvement with community and its commitment to high ethical standards and diversity,” says the Dalhousie University Commerce student.

Toews’ four-month Accounting Analyst work term took place with the Upstream Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR) Group within the Controllers department where she gained practical experience and invaluable exposure to the inner workings of a large organization and a dynamic industry.

“It exceeded my expectations,” she says. “I didn’t think everyone would be so approachable. I also didn’t realize just how involved Imperial really is, with United Way but also with First Nations communities around the oil sands.”

Student experiences at Imperial include everything a fulltime career position entails. Co-op work term and summer students are provided meaningful work and learning opportunities as fully integrated members of the professional team. 

Toews was also encouraged to indulge her passion for community service by volunteering with Imperial’s United Way campaign events at the company’s Calgary campus.

“I really feel like once I get back to school I’ll be ahead because of the experience and exposure I’ve gotten. I didn’t feel any hesitation to go up to my boss or anyone else and ask a question. It’s been a great opportunity to succeed and grow.”

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