A dynamic Imperial career: ‘It fascinates me’

Lara Pella came to Imperial with more than 10 years of international legal practice. As an experienced hire, she had plenty to offer, as well as some criteria of her own – mainly interesting, challenging work; amazing colleagues; and the opportunity to continue learning and developing.

After graduating from Western Law School, Pella worked in private practice in western Canada’s energy industry as well as in London, England; and in Geneva with the United Nations Commission hearing cases from the first Gulf war.

One might wonder how her current role as Assistant General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Imperial measures up after such meaty international roles.

“It fascinates me that we work on everything that is going on in Canada and the Alberta business world. Public policy issues such as climate change, and acquisitions –  I’ve been part of it all,” says Pella. “I get to work on cutting edge issues because Imperial is always trail blazing.”

Pella credits the dynamic work environment for her satisfaction with, and longevity at, Imperial. The company regularly makes new opportunities available to employees to provide a broad understanding or the organization, integrated decision-making practices, and a satisfying long-term career outlook for individuals.

“I work with people who are of such a high calibre in what they do. I’m so engaged in learning about what their particular area is, that it feels like a new career every time I change portfolios,” says Pella.

For experienced hires considering a move, Pella also recommends Imperial as a match for strong values.

“Imperial is an innovative company that is making huge efforts to address the issues our society is concerned with, particularly the environment. That makes me proud. Here it’s just in our DNA that we do the right thing.”


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