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The eagle has landed

The SOS call came in on a frigid day in February. The fish and wildlife department of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) had in their possession a bald eagle who had been injured in a trapper’s wolf snare. The eagle had a badly injured left wing and needed to be transported to Edmonton for medical attention and rehabilitation.

Our Kearl team sprang into action and offered to transport the eagle on one of our charters from the Albian aerodrome (near Kearl) to Edmonton. And the team didn’t stop there… Harold Funk, environmental and regulatory advisor and Craig Blunt, safety advisor arranged to meet officer Murphy from AEP and the eagle at the aerodrome and worked with Canadian North to ensure the patient was safely loaded onto the aircraft.

To make certain that things went smoothly at both ends of the journey, Funk also boarded the flight and flew into Edmonton. When the aircraft landed, he helped offload the plastic crate containing the eagle and made certain it was safely delivered to the rehab team and transported to veterinary care.

The bird arrived feisty, considering its injury. X-rays showed no obvious breaks, but there was significant injury in the area that would be considered its wrist. Our feathered friend has now received the care it needed, is in rehab and should make a full recovery.

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