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Strathcona refinery cogeneration unit and related electrical facilities

To improve the energy efficiency of its Strathcona refinery, Imperial is building a cogeneration unit that will produce approximately 41 megawatts of electricity on a yearly basis, resulting in province-wide greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 217,000 tonnes annually. Preliminary construction started in December 2017, and the unit is expected to be operational in early 2020.

The cogeneration unit is being built within the existing Strathcona refinery, located at 3400 Baseline Road, near Edmonton, Alberta.

About cogeneration

In a refinery, cogeneration technology captures heat generated from the production of electricity to produce steam for use in refining operations, ultimately increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity produced by the cogeneration unit will provide sufficient power to meet approximately 75 to 80 percent of the refinery’s needs, significantly decreasing energy consumption from the Alberta grid.

The waste heat from the gas turbine is transferred to the heat recovery steam generator to produce steam used in the refining process.

The new cogeneration unit will allow the refinery to retire one of its four existing boilers.