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The perfect formula

Imperial’s Norman Wells operation announces $50,000 in funding for the Sahtu Divisional Education Council’s Science & Math Initiative.

A recent decision by Imperial’s Norman Wells operation to support the Sahtu Divisional Education Council’s Science & Math Initiative wasn’t very difficult. What can be difficult is teaching complex science and math lessons to students. That’s why the Sahtu Divisional Education Council has created the Science & Math Initiative. 
The Science & Math Initiative, which will support all five schools in the Sahtu, will help improve how math and science are taught and how students develop skills in these areas. The program will include experiential learning, whereby students can draw on their knowledge of the environment. Experiential learning allows students to engage with math and science in real-life contexts, making learning both meaningful and developing skills that children can apply in their future.
“We believe active and well-prepared students are key to healthy communities and a brighter future in the NWT,” said Lorraine Kuer, school programs consultant with the Sahtu Divisional Education Council. “Within education, mathematics and science hold great potential for students to develop 21st century ways of thinking and methods of problem-solving.”

Over the years, Imperial’s Norman Wells operation has supported various education programs in the region. Recently, the company provided $10,000 towards a digital library for remote communities in the Sahtu region and provided six deserving Sahtu students with scholarships for their post-secondary pursuits.
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