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McKay Métis Community and Imperial to mark agreement

The McKay Métis Community and Imperial are celebrating the signing of a long-term benefits agreement providing mutual benefits to both parties. The signing of the agreement will be celebrated this fall at a special celebration in the community of Fort McKay in northeastern Alberta.

“This is an important agreement for our community,” said Ron Quintal, President of the McKay Métis Community. “This collaboration demonstrates that responsible oil sands development can be achieved by focusing on common goals to minimize environmental impacts while creating economic benefits for our people. It is one of the biggest successes to date for my community; one that proves what Métis people and communities can achieve when there is a vision and the will to drive prosperity.”

The agreement identifies direct economic benefits for the community related to Imperial’s Kearl and future Aspen oil sands projects. This includes participation by the McKay Métis in environmental planning and stewardship and the development of business capacity and contracting opportunities. The agreement also provides an investment in the development of the McKay Métis cultural pavilion in Fort McKay, which will be used for cultural events and community gatherings, and to showcase the unique and rich culture and history of the Métis people.

“Imperial and the McKay Métis share a common goal to ensure environmental protection and economic prosperity for the community as part of Imperial’s continued focus on responsible oil sands development, “ said Bryan Pickett, vice-president of production for Imperial. “This agreement continues to build on and strengthen the relationship between Imperial and McKay Metis Community by focusing on shared values of respect and trust to build a long-term partnership.”