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Imperial joins Edmonton non-profit groups to create a litter-free community

Capital City Clean Up – Business Supporting Community is a City of Edmonton program that brings business and non-profit groups together to reduce litter in city neighbourhoods. The program engages non-profit groups to clear litter from areas around a participating business, which makes a donation in support of the program.

For Imperial, it isn’t practical to have groups clean up near our Strathcona refinery so we’ve made a donation that enables the removal of litter in four neighbourhoods near the refinery. This year the Girl Guides did the work to clean up a local senior’s centre and a few parks in this area.

In 2017, the Capital City Clean Up - Business Supporting Community program has 16 non-profit groups with 19 businesses supporting their clean-up efforts across 54 locations across Edmonton and including 16 special events. The program is an important contributor to reduction of litter in Edmonton. The City’s annual litter audit measures the success of combined litter reduction efforts. The results for the 2016 audit show litter continues to trend downward nearly 5% over 2015.  

Together, we’re making Edmonton a city we can all enjoy.