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Protecting the environment by putting beavers back to work

Guided by a vision of healthy ecosystems, Alberta Ecotrust is on a mission to inspire and mobilize companies and environmental organizations (and even beavers) to protect the environment.

Imperial’s contributions to this unique partnership take the form of money, time and people to help Alberta Ecotrust make a big impact.

One innovative project we invested in recently was to put beavers back to work. These original watershed engineers contribute to flood mitigation and are now important players in land use planning strategies in selected wetlands outside of Calgary.

“I can honestly say that our relationship with Imperial has strengthened our organization,” says executive director Pat Letizia. “The financial donation alone is critical to our success, but just as important is the people power they provide. Imperial employees guide our strategy, participate in decision-making and provide expertise and mentoring to projects we support.”

Greg Shyba of the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area talks to Alberta Ecotrust partners about the role of beavers in watershed management.