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Imperial's Strathcona refinery, located on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta is one of the largest refining facilities in Canada. Built in 1976 on the site of Imperial's original 1940s refinery, the best-in-class Strathcona refinery meets the demand for quality petroleum products.


Imperial's Strathcona refinery, located on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta is one of the largest refining facilities in Canada. Built in 1976 on the site of Imperial's original 1940s refinery, the best-in-class Strathcona refinery meets the demand for quality petroleum products.

Strathcona produces a wide range of petroleum products including gasoline, aviation fuels, diesel, butane, propane, heavy fuel oil and asphalts.

  • Watch the video to learn more about Strathcona and Imperial’s downstream integration and operational excellence


General inquiries:

(780) 449-8110 or

Community relations office (780) 449-8571

24-hour line: 780-449-3776

As a member of the Strathcona Industrial Association, Imperial posts information about refinery operations on the industry UPDATEline. Neighbours can call 1-866-653-9959 to hear recorded information.

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Work at Strathcona

About 450 employees work at Strathcona refinery in diverse roles such as engineers, lab technologists, safety planners, trades people, administrative staff, and more.

We are proud to support both the University of Alberta through its Foundation Course in Occupational Medicine, and NAIT, with the Imperial Oil Entrance to Instrumentation Scholarship. We also hire numerous co-op students.

Each year, our recruitment department conducts career fairs and information sessions across Canada.

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We continuously pursue technologies and practices to reduce our impact on the land, water and air. Here are some recent examples of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • We’re advancing the use of optical imaging equipment to better detect and reduce fugitive emissions at Strathcona refinery.
  • We continue to leverage capital investments, improved practices, technology and a sustained employee focus on day-to-day operational improvements to increase energy efficiency at all our refineries.
  • We collaborate with government, industry and other groups to maintain regional air quality monitoring networks that measure and track long-term environmental trends. At the Sarnia, Nanticoke and Strathcona refineries, this effort is coordinated through local industry associations.

Safety & emergency preparedness

Ensuring the safety of the people who work in or live near our operations is our number one priority.

24-hour Emergency contact: 780-449-3776

If you detect any unusual odours, sights or sounds, please call the refinery immediately.

UPDATEline: 1-866-653-9959

Imperial posts recorded information for neighbours on the Strathcona Industrial Association’s UPDATEline.

Being prepared for emergencies, in the unlikely event one occurs, is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our preparation beings with practices and policies that exceed regulatory requirements. Our plans allow us to respond to an incident and provide trained personnel in a variety of scenarios. We are supported by regional and North American emergency response teams so that in the event of an emergency we can respond quickly and effectively to restore operations as quickly as possible and minimize any impact on people or the environment.

As a member of the Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program, Imperial prepares, plans and practices with local emergency response organizations and local industry operators.

What it means when you hear our alarms

Strathcona refinery’s emergency warning system consists of a series of air horn alarms to alert our personnel of potential emergencies at the site. These alarms are tested every Monday at noon. Should you hear an alarm outside of this testing period, a call from police, or an alert on radio or television, will advise if an emergency can affect you.

Learn more about flaring


Nurturing a love of literacy in Strathcona County

Nurturing a love of reading and literacy in children and teens has been the focal point of a 21-year association between the Strathcona County Library and Imperial.

Kerry Vandenhengel, Manager of Youth Services for the library, says research shows that if children and teens stop reading over the summer months they can lose at least two months of reading and learning skills. Over time, this ‘summer slide’ has a cumulative effect and by grade five, students can be up to three years behind in their reading skills.

In order to prevent this slide and to motivate children and teens throughout the summer, the library’s summer reading game was developed.

Each book read during the summer earns the reader a turn to roll dice and move along the large game board that was created and built by Youth Services library staff. Each space on the game board prompts the player to ‘read a mystery story’ or ‘listen to an audio book’ and collect rewards along the way. The game records approximately 10,000 player turns from over 2,200 children each summer.

By popular demand, the summer reading game now includes a travel log so readers can track their reading while on vacation. There is also a separate game for teens with challenges that encourage a range of literacies and skills. Teens can also post book reviews and volunteer to help run the children’s game.

“Imperial’s continued sponsorship allows the library to enhance the game with book prizes. When children and teens complete the game or challenges, they are able to select a book of their choice to keep, which is exciting and meaningful to both the child and their families. Imperial’s commitment to the summer reading game helps strengthen the literacy and learning skills of the youth in our community - skills that are key for successful futures,” says Vandenhengel.

Strathcona refinery cogeneration unit and related electrical facilities

To improve the energy efficiency of its Strathcona refinery, Imperial is building a cogeneration unit that will produce approximately 41 megawatts of electricity on a yearly basis.

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