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Edmonton rail terminal

The Edmonton rail terminal, next to Imperial’s Strathcona refinery, is a joint venture operated by Kinder Morgan that started up in April 2015.  The facility has capacity to load unit trains of 100 to 120 rail cars per train, and 210,000 barrels per day. 

As with everything we do, safety is a core value.  While we manage our business with the goal of preventing incidents, we have conducted extensive assessments and are prepared for emergencies.  Specific steps have been taken to ensure the safe rail transportation of our products, including:

  • The design, construction and leasing of rail cars that meet the highest safety standards in the industry, including the most stringent of the new CPC 1232 specifications.
  • Processes to ensure appropriate inspections and maintenance of our rail car fleet.
  • Cooperation with railroads on safety programs, emergency planning and response.