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Publications and reports

Energy and the environment

Energy and Carbon Summary

Imperial’s Energy and Carbon Summary report provides a view into a lower-carbon future. It provides a perspective on what such a future might mean for our business.

Water Summary

Imperial’s Water Summary provides insight on how Imperial manages water across our organization.

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The Outlook for Energy

The Outlook for Energy provides a global view of energy demand and supply through 2040. Importantly, it provides an annual update to reflect recent energy trends and developments, notably in technology and policy. Imperial uses the Outlook to help inform its long-term business strategies and investment plans.

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Imperial innovation

Showcasing our commitment to the responsible development of Canada’s energy resources.

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Community involvement

Sustainability report

The Sustainability Report describes ExxonMobil’s efforts regarding environmental, social and governance performance.

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Investor relations

Digital annual reports

2018 performance highlights

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Operational policies and guidelines

Standards of Business Conduct

Imperial’s Standards of Business Conduct form the foundation of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and provide each of our employee and non-employee directors with a common set of ethical standards. The Standards consist of guiding principles, 16 foundation policies and open-door communication procedures. The Standards include clear guidance on ethics, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest, antitrust and directorship policies.

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Working together

This publication details our company harassment policy and administrative guidelines, describes behaviour that is unacceptable in our workplace, outlines our complaint process, discusses examples of inappropriate behaviour and answers questions concerning the policy’s interpretation. This booklet is provided to employees at time of hire, and periodically thereafter, to ensure that they are aware of the policy requirements and associated guidelines.