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2016 highlights

Last year was very challenging for our industry. While we made significant efforts to streamline costs and work efforts, our commitments to safety, environmental stewardship, technology leadership and operational integrity remained steadfast.

We believe the health and wellbeing of our company is directly tied to the health and wellbeing of the communities where we operate. Imperial looks forward to collaborating with our Indigenous neighbors, community stakeholders, elected officials and other interested Canadians in strengthening Canada’s position as a global leader in responsible energy development.

Rich Kruger
Chairman, president and chief executive officer


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Photo1 Primarily on water treatment, tailings treatment and emission reductions at company-owned facilities and Syncrude; and on remediation of idled facilities and operations.
2 SA-SAGD technology significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions and water use per barrel produced.

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Economic contribution


PhotoFunds raised in association with our employees and retirees.

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