Engagement and consultation


Engagement and consultation

Community engagement and consultation is just one part of how we work to be a good neighbour in the communities where we operate. 

Governments grant permits for development, but communities give crucial support. Growing our business responsibly means consulting with stakeholders prior to development, maximizing local benefits and opportunities, and ensuring environmental protection before, during and after operations.

Our approach 

Engagement promotes a better understanding of our stakeholders’ concerns, helps us identify and resolve issues and contributes to good decision making.  It also helps our neighbours to understand our values and what they can expect from us.  

Our consultation efforts are guided by our principles of inclusion, respect, timeliness, responsiveness and accountability.  This engagement takes many forms, including individual meetings, community presentations, open houses, newsletters and electronic media.

We know that to be effective, our outreach efforts must be built on honest, transparent, accurate and timely information.  That’s why we listen to and engage with a broad range of individuals and organizations including governments, regulators, industry, local residents, shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, non-governmental organizations and Indigenous groups. 

We have a formal system in place through our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) to ensure local community expectations and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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