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Community investment

While Imperial provides the essentials needed to help fuel our global economy, our role as a leading energy producer begins in the Canadian communities where we live and work. Our investments in community-driven organizations and initiatives represent a shared commitment to improving the quality of life in the areas where we operate.

Learn more about the areas of focus that guide our giving and community engagement below.

Innovation and sustainability

Our goal is to inspire creative thinking. We seek partners who are:

  • driving innovation in trades, technology and workforce skill development
  • solving energy challenges in new ways. What do we mean by that? Addressing the risks of climate change and making environmental improvements in
    • carbon footprint – GHG emission intensity reductions, clean fuels, energy efficiency and monitoring
    • water – protection, conservation and sustainable solutions
    • land – wildlife monitoring and protection and land reclamation

Together we want to continue to uncover the potential of Canada’s energy resources and invest in Canada’s future leaders.

Our programs

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Indigenous leadership and capacity building

We are committed to creating lasting relationships around a common vision for progress. We support mutually beneficial investments focused on:

  • supporting women and youth leadership
  • building workforce and business capacity
  • expanding access to traditional learning

Our programs

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For Indigenous programs seeking funding support from Imperial, Apply today

Strong operating communities

Imperial is focused on solutions to strengthen communities. We believe in addressing local social needs to build strong, safe and prosperous communities. We invest in opportunities that deliver shared value by: 

  • providing innovative experiences to youth
  • improving access to education in science, technology, engineering and math
  • fostering environmental conservation and protection
  • improving quality of life

In 2017 we invested $16 million and volunteered 6,000 hours in Canadian communities. 

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