Stakeholder engagement and consultation

Community engagement and consultation is just one part of how we work to be a good neighbour in the communities where we operate.


Imperial works with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, including a broad range of individuals and organizations, Indigenous communities, operating communities, shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and contractors, governments, regulators, and others. Our stakeholder engagement is guided by our principles of inclusion, respect, professionalism, timeliness, responsiveness and accountability.
“The shortest distance between two people is a conversation. Exchanging ideas, view points and concerns is crucial to succeed in today’s increasingly polarized communication landscape. We recognize that the most important thing we can do to engage with our diverse groups of neighbours across Canada is listen. Then, we need to, together, come up with solutions and actions that will collectively move us forward.”
Kim Fox

Vice president, public and government affairs

Active engagement promotes a better understanding of peoples’ concerns, contributes to good decision making, and helps us to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and resolve issues. Active listening and dialogue help us understand what matters to our neighbours and allows us to share our progress. Engagement takes many forms such as individual meetings, community presentations, open houses, community investment, newsletters and digital media. To facilitate candid feedback on our performance, Imperial regularly engages third party firms to conduct confidential, stakeholder surveys.

Effective management of stakeholder relationships is important to enhance the trust and confidence of communities with which Imperial interacts. Emergency planning and preparedness are also essential. The company periodically conducts emergency simulations and drills to ensure our response in a crisis is effectively managed and communications are proactive, transparent and meaningful.

We have a formal system in place through our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) to ensure local community expectations and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Sustainability report

Our Sustainability Report describes our environmental, social and governance performance.
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