Integrating sustainability into our corporate strategy

Integral to our strategy is the continuous monitoring of key economic, environmental, policy, technology, and social indicators, designed to help maintain our focus on our business fundamentals while positioning us to grow in new and emerging spaces.

After taking a measured look across the spectrum, we’ve begun to explore and develop Canadian markets for low-carbon solutions that build on our strengths, such as carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, lithium, and lower-emission fuels.

Moving forward in these emerging spaces to further accelerate large-scale deployment of solutions essential to enabling modern life and lowering greenhouse gas emissions will require strategic collaboration with technology providers, researchers, industry partners, governments, and Indigenous communities.

At Imperial, we know that integrating sustainability into our corporate strategy enables us to prioritize and capture opportunities in the energy transition, those best aligned to our strengths, local advantages, integrated operations and skilled workforce.

It will also mean harnessing the skills of our advantaged workforce: the scientists, geologists, reservoir engineers, refiners, major project developers, infrastructure operators and product innovators who make up our team.

We have made significant strides in implementing sustainability initiatives at Imperial over the past few years and our progress has continued through 2022 as outlined in this report. We look forward to the years ahead as we continue our development of sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and meet society’s evolving needs.


Sherri Evers
SVP, Sustainability, Commercial Development
& Product Solutions

Sustainability Report

Supplying energy in an affordable, secure and more sustainable way.
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