Base stocks, specialties & asphalts


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Base stocks, specialties & asphalts


Our business offers clients the high quality asphalt products you expect from Esso, along with the backing of our product experts to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

  • With a strong focus on product integrity, asphalt is produced at Imperial’s Strathcona and Nanticoke refineries.
  • Our research group conducts a wide variety of tests (i.e. AAHSTO, ASTM as well as specialized tests) applicable to asphalt performance grading.
  • Technical capability includes low cost asphalt production through extensive crude assessments and working with our customer base on their modifications of our asphalt products.
  • We market a range of asphalt products to commercial customers in Canada as well as exports to the U.S.A., primarily for use as binder in road paving or as a roofing agent.
  • Customer segments include wholesalers, traders, and resellers, along with end users, such as paving contractors and roofing companies.

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Base stocks & specialties

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