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Useful tips

Helpful information about using your Key To The Highway card, fuelling at our cardlocks and general road safety.

Key To The Highway card

To obtain your fuel or receipt.

  1. Locate the ENTER and HELP buttons before you begin.
  2. Select language.
  3. Lift door. Insert and remove your card quickly with the magnetic strip up and to the right.
  4. If card is rejected, check that it is inserted correctly or use second card reader at terminal.
  5. Follow the instructions shown on the display screen.
  6. Use the keypad to enter information. Push ENTER when complete or if no information is required by your company.
  7. Should you require assistance, press HELP for information on the screen. Should the problem persist, please call the Key To The Highway Customer Support Centre at 1-877-359-9792.

NOTE: You can access any pump from any card reader.

Key To The Highway fueling instructions

Because of the potential dangers involved with petroleum liquids, it is important that the following safe handling procedures are followed when fueling:

  • Turn off vehicle ignition.
  • Place vehicle in gear and engage brake.
  • No smoking, open flames or other sources of ignition within 7.5 meters of fuel.
  • Turn off pilot lights.
  • Note location and instructions of fire extinguishers.
  • Note location and instructions of emergency shut-off switches.
  • Note location of telephone and posted emergency numbers.
  • Do not cause spillage of any amount.
  • Use only your hand or the nozzle hold-open clip (where permitted by law) to hold open the nozzle.
  • Do not leave nozzle unattended while fueling.
  • Fill only containers approved by CSA or ULC.
  • Stay near vehicle while fueling within sight of hose.
  • Do not fully top up fuel tank.

Spills recovery & prevention

Safe and reliable operations are a primary concern at Imperial Oil.

Driver fuelling practices are the key to spill-free operations.

You will see point-of-sale messages at all of our Esso cardlock locations, reminding you of some of the key actions that you can take to minimize the risk of spills when you fill up.

The most important principle is that you apply the same care and attention that you use while driving to the time you spend fueling.

  • You should always attend the nozzle when the trigger is engaged.
  • Remember that the fuel dispensers operate at high pressure levels and never "jam" the trigger in the on position.
  • Remember to return the nozzle to the hanger on the pump before you drive away.

If you do experience a spill, remember to report it to the site operator or to the appropriate government agency.

Working together, we can ensure safe, reliable, spill-free operations.

The road ahead: road and weather conditions

The safest way to get where you want to go is to plan your trip before you get in your rig. Knowing what to expect can prepare you for the drive ahead. Every day, before you start out, call first to find out road and weather conditions.

National weather and local weather can be accessed at Environment Canada.

US weather can be accessed at the National Weather Service.