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Contact and customer support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day through our Key To The Highway help centre.

As a Key To The Highway customer you have...

  • Access to real-time card control to decrease your administrative effort and fleet costs
  • A confidential company PIN security ID which you can use to control where trucks are fueled and set limits for each card in your fleet over the phone by calling 1-877-359-9792 or with your mouse on the T-Chek website
  • Access to standard fuel transaction reports which include price, quantities, taxes, GST summary, and provincial fuel summaries
  • Access to weekly or monthly invoices in Canadian or U.S. funds
  • Receive market responsive pricing and credit terms

In addition to enhanced card control options, the detailed Key To The Highway invoice also helps to give you more control over your cash and fuel expenditures.

You can have your fleet's transactions broken down by vehicle, driver name and number, site, trip, trailer, and hubometer. The invoice also features a complete product summary and provincial fuel tax summary.

You and your fleet have access to approximately 1,000 convenient fuel and service locations across Canada and the United States. Your drivers can also take advantage of a full range of amenities including showers, convenience stores, trucker's lounges, restaurants and laundry services. To see more about all the Key To The Highway locations, please check our Network Directory.

Customer support centre

You can count on the Key To The Highway customer support centre at 1-877-359-9792 for:

  • Ordering new cards
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Changing your card, tractor and driver information
  • Billing and account inquiries (please refer to the phone number on your invoice)