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Igniting hope while supporting Indigenous success in school

Imperial has been a committed partner of Indspire’s Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards program since 2007, providing more than $500,000 to date for First Nation, Inuit and Métis post-secondary students.

Indspire is a national organization that enriches Canada through Indigenous education and by inspiring achievement.

Funding form Imperial has also helped Indspire expand its programs to include support for high school students and their educators including:

  • The National Gathering for Indigenous Education exposes educators to support and resources as they address the significant challenges faced by Indigenous students. Imperial has been a Keynote Speaker Sponsor since the first conference in 2013.
  • Indspire hosts free Soaring: Indigenous Youth Career Conferences all across Canada for thousands of students in grades 9 to 12. At Soaring, students talk to college and university representatives, employers and funding officers. They learn about career opportunities and how post-secondary education can help prepare for the workforce. And a few of them leave with free laptops thanks to Imperial!
  • Imperial was also the Indigenous Youth Sponsor for the 2015 national Indspire Awards held in Calgary in February 2015. Imperial’s support enabled 150 Indigenous youth to attend the gala and be inspired by the 14 outstanding Indspire Awards recipients.

As Indspire’s President and CEO Roberta Jamieson says, “The positive impact of attending Soaring cannot be overestimated. We want to ignite hope for the future in youth who may not get this kind of career-focused opportunity again. We show them what’s achievable with hard work and, thanks to Imperial’s commitment, we can also offer them the financial support to realize their dreams.”

Indspire Awards (photos courtesy of Indspire)

Photo — Rich Kruger, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Imperial (Left), Madeleine Redfern, Public Service award recipient (Centre), Kevin C. Howlett, Senior Vice President, Regional Markets, Air Canada (Right)

Soaring: Indigenous Youth Career Conference in Vancouver 2014

Photo — Soaring MC and entertainer, Inez, presents a laptop to a student, courtesy of Imperial