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More than 1,000 locations across North America, featuring Key To The Highway.


Whether you are an end-user or reseller of fuel, you want consistency, reliability and value. You need
quality fuels backed by a company
you can count on. We offer the quality products, value-added services and cost-effective pricing you’re looking for.

National Accounts

Our national account businesses offer customers the high-quality fuel and oil products you expect from Esso, along with the backing of our highly trained sales professionals to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently. This department includes direct or delivered sales to national industrial & commercial customers; truck transportation sales and our network of branded resellers.

The Complete Fuel Solution

 Imperial Oil is able to provide 
complete, end-to-end solutions
for fuel procurement and
management alongside our
high quality fuel and oil products.

Basestocks, Specialties and Asphalt

Our business offers clients the highest quality asphalt products along with the backing of our product experts to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently. ExxonMobil is the world’s largest base stock supplier and Imperial is part of this network to meet your needs with a supply of quality products.